Facebook Censors Safe Abortions

Today Facebook removed one of Rebecca Gomperts’ pictures.


The image consisted of text instructions of how to safely induce an abortion using medication.

Dr. Gomperts is a well-known abortion rights activist and the Director of Women on Waves – a charitable organization focused on women’s health and human rights. Its mission is to protect maternal health by preventing unsafe abortions. Women on Waves sails a ship to countries where abortion is illegal.

On board the ship the medical staff provides sexual education and healthcare services. Early medical abortion (up to 6 1/2 weeks of pregnancy) can be provided safely, professionally and legally.

Applicability of national penal legislation, and also abortion law, extends only to territorial  waters. Outside that 12-mile radius it is Dutch law that applies on board a ship under that Dutch flag, which means that all Women on Waves activities are legal.

Women on Waves efforts draw much needed public attention to the consequences of unwanted pregnancy and unsafe, illegal abortion.

To date the ship has sailed to Ireland, Poland, Portugal and Spain.

Women on Waves also supported the launch of  safe abortion hotlines in South Africa, Asia and the Middle East.

In 2005 it founded Women on Web, a telemedicine abortion service that provides medical abortions to women in countries where there is no access to safe abortion.



By removing the picture, Facebook is in gross violation of Article 19 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Facebook has a social responsibility to guarantee human rights.

Dr. Gomperts reposted the screenshot of the Facebook censorship message with the picture.

She is asking all Facebook users that support abortion rights to repost the message on their page.




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15 responses to “Facebook Censors Safe Abortions

  1. What the WHAT?! Damn. I’ll repost.

  2. Jassinto Vidinha

    I think this is serial killers’ property site.

  3. Diana

    You should be ashamed to post this anywhere and advocate it. There is ABSOLUTELY NOTHING “safe” about this!!!

  4. Deb

    This is disgusting. She is instructing women to lie to medical professionals, abuse medication, and abuse themselves and their innocent children.

  5. Joe Vadis

    Safe huh? If it’s so safe, why lie to the pharmacist and why the possibility of having to go to the doctor? Cretins!

  6. You can go to hell!! It is a serial killer site killing infants!! A child is a human being at the moment of conception! Reproduction justice??? Are you on crack???? you are disgusting and cruel !!! you have no business doing this shit!! you are trying to get young girls to kill themselves and babies teach the girls how to keep their stupid legs closed!!!! You violate my rights to not have this on a public site to encourage girls to kill you stupid worthless dog

  7. Barb W

    “Article 19 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Facebook has a social responsibility to guarantee human rights”

    .what about the rights of the unborn child?

  8. Zoe

    I feel as though that it isn’t safe to use arthritis medication to induce miscarriages. I’d have to see a whole mess of doctors backing this up. It might be a better idea to post the parsley trick. That, at least, is all natural, and uses an herb that people eat regularly.

  9. Katie, your baby was fully developed and if you have never SEEN an abortion, you have no idea. Honey, I pray for you and you WILL have to answer for the murder of your child. Your youtube is horrid. I have many friends that regret theirs and I promise you, you will to. I bet you already do. What about the rights to that poor sweet child you allowed to be ripped to shreds? Such a selfish decision you made. God can forgive. Remember that.

  10. Katie, I just saw your youtube video on how you chose to see your baby on the screen. Honey, the reason the BABY was not moving or a heartbeat was b/c they paused it. I know from doing my research and having a friend that that happened to. They don’t say baby b/c that would scare the woman away and they want the money. My heart breaks for your poor baby that was torn to shreds but he/she is w/ the Lord now. I pray for you and that you will repent one day. You need to watch some youtube videos on Carol Everret. She ran an abortion clinic and was responsible for the lives of 35,000 babies including one of her own. She talks about how they did everything you described so they would win the abortion and not lose the girl.

  11. CrankyDoodleDonkey

    To support abortion is to assume women are weak and can’t handle responsibility. Someone who supports abortion is either uneducated on the issue, or ignorant to the facts. If this person is neither uneducated nor ignorant, he/she is simply heartless. Truth. If you tell a lie loud enough and for long enough, people will believe you. the Nazis did it and the pro-choice movement is doing it now. All hype. No truth. “Reproductive Justice” is a facade for eugenics. The abortion industry doesn’t really care about women, just the money they receive from them. Abortion is not a part of women’s rights, and hides behind it anyway. You think about all these wars in far off places and people suffering, and yet you can’t protect your own children and morals. It’s sickening; there’s no humanity. One day you’ll look back and remember how easily manipulated you were.

  12. Lindsay

    This is literally SO unethical. Talk about back alley abortions–since when does fighting for reproductive justice mean inducing your own abortion with improper drugs and lying to medical professionals? I can’t believe this was actually posted as an example of someone whose fighting the good fight. #hurtingthecausenothelping

  13. I find it absolutely disgusting that people find this post acceptable to be posted on Facebook. I’m also disgusted how nonchalant pro-abortion people are acting about this horrid procedure! It’s like you are encouraging abortions for the cause or something. I watched your video on your abortion and I found it sickening how you were proud about your decision. And that you even had the audacity to wear a hanger necklace..

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